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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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vehicles at two separate metro lots in prince george's county and police say they are so brazen that they used a station wagon they stole last week to commit today's carjacking. chopper 4 flew overhead as metrotransity police investigated a carjacking on the fifth level of metro's parking garage at the largo town station. just after 7:00 a.m., four suspects wearing ski masks confronted a father and daughter from buoy maryland in the stairwell, robbing them of personal item, money and car keys. when the father resisted, a fight broke out. >> the male subject was subsequently struck about his head and the female was subsequently shot in the abdomen. both have been transported to a local hospital and being treated for their injuries at this time. >> reporter: less than two hours after the carjacking the police tracking the stolen vehicle through its onstar system and found the 2010 camaro in
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northeast washington abandoned and heavily armed officer it is wearing bullet-proof vests searched the neighborhood for suspects. they're considered armed and dangerous. reporter neil agustin reported these pictures on of a stolen car and police activity. the car was towed so it could be fully searched for clues and metro transit and d.c. police cruisers left the scene. at the largo town center metro station, customers are upset at the news that victims of a carjacking had been injured in a car garage. >> there have been numerous car vandalisms here. i've writ tonight director of metro back in the winter time when a woman was raped here and i asked where are the transit police? >> reporter: metro transit police say this carjacking was similar to another one that occurred just last friday may 20th at the new carolton station. >> his vehicle's an audi. a 2004 audi station wagon and
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this vehicle, we believe was also seen this morning at the largo town center station and we believe these two case are related at this time. we believe the suspects in today's oormed carjacking were the same suspects involved at the new carolton armed carjacking. metro transit police are stepping up patrols at metro stations and parking lots and they're also asking the public for help and they're asking you to call 911 if you have any information about these four, young masked suspects and the car that they apparently stole and are still driving. >> thank you, chris. >> two metrotransity officers are now off the street after this video of the scuffle with a man in a wheelchair went viral. the u.s. attorney's office is also getting involved. >> an internal memory tonight shows the officers have been removed from full duty until this investigation is over. >> police say dwight harris refused an open container
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citation and resisted arrest last week. police say his blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit. >> charges against hair i haves since been dropped. now to a developing story across the midwest this evening, a severe weather systemy response for death and destruction is wreaking more look when another tornado touched down several moments ago. most of the homes are destroyed. another twister hit kansas and no report of danger this time. in joplin, missouri, 125 people have been killed so far. more than 1,000 others are still unaccounted for. mike seidel kicks off our coverage from oklahoma. . >> going to drop a huge tornado. >> reporter: a series of tornadoes roared through the oklahoma city area on tuesday. this was the terrifying scene unfolding in grady county as a
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large tornado chewed up the landscape. >> it could be an f-5. >> nbc station k-4shgs news channel 4 was on the air covering the fast-moving events. some 15 miles west of reno. oh, my gosh, it's bigger than before. >> one of the meteorologists caught in a storm driving off to safety as power poles danced in the air around him. >> it's another killer tornado and it's right across highway 81 is where it intensified. it intensified right on top of it and it's amazing. >> from the air chopper footage captured the devastation as it played out. >> look at this. tornado, this is unbelievable. look at, it just tearing up the ground. look at the debris? it's roof. it's taken roofs. some snooit. >> in the ooh on while another
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tornado tears through the area close by. >> in piedmont, her -- which we suspect would be sitting right here now. the mother and two of their children badly injured while they search for a child still missing after being pulled from his mother's arms. this morning there are many facing the daunting task of rebuilding. >> when i came around the corner i saw my whole house was gone and my cars. everything was just a loss. >> thank you for all of the warning because you saved our lives. >> wow! >> back in joplin, missouri, meanwhile, where it all started rescue crews are holding out hope of finding more survivor, but so far the results have been grim. >> three more bodies have been found bring the death toll to 125 and 1500 are still missing. the tornado now rated as an ef-5 is the single deadliest since the weather service began
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keeping records in the in 1950. our team coverage continues now. we will go to jay gray who is live again in joplin, missouri and jay, we are still -- these pictures are still staggering. how about the search for survivors? is that continuing and how much longer will this be a search and rescue at this point? >> reporter: well, westboundy, definitely continuing. within two minutes the search and rescue team left this home. no one in inside and they're continuing to search for anybody who may have survived the storm and may still be pinned in and that's going to keep work until they are sure there is no one left to save here. no one pulled from the rubble today, but yesterday they did find two survivors and that gives them the strength to keep up that work. >> jay, what about the cleanup? how long is this all going take? this huge process ahead of them and what's the biggest obstacle
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in their way right now? >> reporter: i wish we could give you a deafic tiff answer. it's not going to take weeks, it's not going to see -- when we see the heavy equipment, and they've trying to pull out from the larger degree. as families get back and move out anything they can salvage and all of that going on while more bad weather, more severe weather move into the nation's heartland. so it's going to be a long and very difficult task and what they will have to do here is they continue to dodge storms. we're getting more heavy clouds and more rain into this area right now. >> all right, jay gray, it is a again, it is breath taking to seesey the pictures you're sending back. >> as jay mentioned the threat of severe storms remains high. >> doug, you were out in the midwest tracking tornadoes at
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one time in your life. what do you think when you see this? >> it's just suddenly amazing. the biggest factor is these tornados are hitting areas that have a lot of people in them. most of the time these are hitting in tornado alley. we're talking about oklahoma, nebraska, portions of kansas where there's not a whole lot of people, but this system is make its way into a very populated area, once again, once you get close to the mississippi river and you enter missouri and arkansas. that's when the population numbers go up. right now we have tornado warnings in effect around the st. louis area and over to the annapolis area and the next on the line could be around memphis where they've been issued tornado watches in thattier. so this will continue well on through the evening tonight and maybe into the overnight hours before this finally begins to wrap up during the day tomorrow. >> all right, doug, thank you. more shocking testimony today in the in day two of the casey anthony murder trial. the florida mother is accuse said of killing her 2-year-old
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daughter caylee three years ago. today a neighbor testified anthony borrowed a shovel two days after the girl was last seen alive. her body was found in a wooded area near the anthony home and four friends testified today that anthony did not appear to be sad or worried after her daughter vanished. >> looking back at casey's behavior there was no indication to you that casey gave you that caylee was dead? >> no, sir. >> another friend said anthony was partying around the time the girl vanished and when they asked her about the girl's whereabouts they said casey told them the girl was with her nanny. tonight we're getting a closer look at a two-story brick colonial, the house is for sale, but it isn't an ordinary house. it has been the scene of three vicious murders. pat collins gives us a look in this news 4 exclusive.
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>> buyers walked away from homes for all sort of reasons, the price is too high. the color is wrong, the kitchen is not big enough, but what if the house were a murder scene? would that make a difference? what about two murders or three? would you still consider it? i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up on news 4 at 6:00. no hike in income taxes, cheaper parking mreerts and key social service programs getting big, spared big cuts. tom sherwood joins us with highlights as d.c. leaders surprisingly reach a big budget compromise. >> for months, there have been dire warnings about budget cuts and tax increases, but today they found a way to avoid all that. >> congratulations. >> reporter: even before he was
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sworn in last january vincent gray was warning of looming budget deficits, service cuts and possible tax increases, but an improving economy has boosted tax revenue by tens of millions of dollars eliminating the need for drastic cuts. >> this budget restores probably 95% of all of the things that people in this room have asked me for. >> still, advocates for social services stood quietly in protested a move to kill the move for more revenue by hiking taxes on those who earned more than $200,000 a year. >> we didn't think the people making over $200,000 would be too opposed to that or run out of the city because of it. >> citing the fresh revenues expected killed the income tax increase and mayor gray said he'd go along. >> with an 8.5 income tax rate,s highest in the region and third or fourth highest in the nation it doesn't do us well to move it
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higher. >> it slashed parking meter rates from $2 an hour to $1 an hour if revenues hold up this summer, a cry that came over an outcry for an earlier increase. >> it does include a corporate index and a final value would be there. tom sherwood, thank you, tom. >> a team of vandals, they're tagging cars and what's with the number 68. >> they try to crack the code. >> is it really higher quality food? say good-bye to those brazilian blowouts. the do-it-yourself also native that's helping people tame that frizzy h
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drivers are feeling a little relief at the pump as we head into the summer driving season. aaa tells us a gallon of regular unleaded will cost an average of $4.08 in the district, $3.82346 maryland and $3.74 in virginia. >> today the maryland state controller's office is making sure drivers get what they pay
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for. it sent out inspectors to test the octane. >> we're trying to stick up for the consumers and in these tough times make sure that the product that they're buying at these gas stations and even with these high prices are, in fact, what they're receiving. >> controller peter franshou said they founded regularities in the past were shut down until the problems were fixed. as our humidity creeps up so does our hair and now there's a budget-friendly way to get frizz-free. liliana vasquez shows us how. >> reporter: it's no secret that women are willing to go to great lengths to turn their frizzy, curly hair into smooth, straight locks. and many are choosing to get that look from straightening treatments like the popular brazilian blowout which has been banned in canada due to high levels of formaldehyde. now there's a new product that claims to deliver similar
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results without the health risk. abbey schiff is a lawyer and busy mom of three who is consistently frustrated with her naturally curly hair. >> it can get really big and frizzy and i really -- i don't like that look. i've tried japanese hair straightening. i've tried brazilian hair straightening and bought all kind of different straightening gels and all of that has aren't been cheap. >> i'm embarrassed to say this number, i've spent between $2,000 to $3,000 in the last few years. >> reporter: she thinks her quest to silky smooth hair will come to an end after trying straight. >> it would save me all of the money i've been spending on my hair and i can do it at home and it will get me away from the formaldehyde products and the kerr tin straightening. >> three-day straight is a formaldehyde-free, semi-perm nents at-home treatment alternative to salon treatments. here's how it works. spray the product through damp
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hair and comb through. >> i can tell already right now by how i comb it that it will be good. >> next, blow dry your hair straight. >> it feels so soft. does it usually feel this soft? >> no, not at all. >> oh, my gosh, i can't wait to see the final results. >> when your hair is completely dry, finish by flat ironing it which create sleek, glossy locks. >> for $9.99. i would definitely use it again. >> wow! looked great there. >> i'm so glad i'm a guy. >> i don't have enough hair to get anywhere near that. it's fun being a girl. it really is. we enjoy it. >> you and your irons. all of you have the irons. >> our contraptions and still -- and still the hair. still the hair has issues. >> we'll get humidity in the days ahead. >> there will be a couple of bad hair days and just in time for
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the weekend. temperatures in the '90s and humidity -- >> the hair goes in the clip. the weekend the hair goes in a clip. >> i want to show you more video of some of the tornadoes out there. this one was captured yesterday in oklahoma. just amazing video that these guys were able to take, simply amazing the amount of tornados that we've been seeing and also the number of structures that have been destroyed by these tornadoes. this is a tornado that was rumbling through portions of oklahoma yesterday. there was one fatality with this tornado as it went right through a mobile home park. look at that picture, just unbelievable pictures continue to come out of this tornado outbreak and we'll see more during the day today. where are those tornadoes now? yesterday, this is where they were back towards the west in toward kansas and in through oklahoma and then they move into missouri and down through arkansas. today, however, they are further to the east where more people live, a lot more people east of the mississippi river, including st. louis and indianapolis,
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louisville, kentucky and all under tornado watches right now and as we zoom in here you can see where the tornadoes are and tornado warnings are associated with this line, including the st. louis area which has been under tornado warnings during the afternoon today and more storms firing up right to the west of memphis. watch as these fire right on up here. many of these are now tornadic or at least do have tornado warnings associated with them, as far as our weather is concerned though, we are quiet as far as the storm front is concerned and all clear right now and we're looking at a very nice afternoon. 83 degrees the current temperature, humidity less than 50% so we're not talking about bad hair days during the day today, but that humidity will be inching up. 86 in frederick and 87 in fredericksburg and leonardtown coming in at 81 degrees and shower chances for the next couple of days and the same deal goes for tomorrow. mostly back toward the west. i think the i-95 corridor will be okay. i-95 east, we're okay and to the
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west more of a chance of showers during the day on friday as well. this evening, mostly clear and a great one. 77 to 82 degrees and tomorrow morning, waking up to another very mild morning with temperatures into the 60s once again and a nice start to your thursday. tomorrow morning, sun with a few clouds, breezy and hot and a bit humid. 86 to 90 degrees and we'll continue to see temperatures in the increase as we make our way to friday, saturday and sunday and friday we've got our first backyard weather. we'll be talking much more about that throughout the broadcast today. >> it will be cooking out there it sounds like. >> that's the way we want it. >> thank you, doug. john ed wouards exposed. why he may face criminal charges for his extra marital affair. >> an award-winning chef will manage the fight against fat. we'll see how he managed to shed 20 pounds despite being surrounded by lovely food.
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♪ ♪ ♪ they got it together, flash mob find. local high school students graded for their fancy footwork graded for their fancy footwork and ther[ horns honking ]
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verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. but what we should also be celebrating, are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day, but became extraordinary memories. moments when we learn about the world that came before us, and a little more about ourselves. let's celebrate together. colonial williamsburg. come be part of the story. and now is the perfect time to celebrate with the summer bounce package. plan your stay at four students were arrested today after a food fight got out
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of hand during lunch at centreville high in clifton, virginia. >> we are told officials tried to stop the food fight and that's when two 15-year-old boys and two 16-year-old girls assaulted the school employee and school security officers. >> the four student were taken into custody and charged with assault. news 4 is no different than a lot of offices. there's often lots of good food and snacks hanging around. >> oh, we're bad. >> we're very bad. >> perfectly good at it and we're talking about cakes, cupcakes, cookies, you name it, but imagine if you were a professional chef and your job was to cook and eat delicious food. >> tonight we're asking what's your workout? we asked a chef who is a prestigious james beard award winner how he got healthy. >> getting healthy and losing weight. when i was in my 30s i was 40 pounds thinner. between, you know, the afterward
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beers that you would digest, the crappy food from midnight to 4:00 in the morning, i mean, that's what a cook's lifestyle is, so it's hard. >> you're grazing all day. so cooks really don't sit down and eat a meal. it's 24 items on my menu and 24 dishes. you'd have to taste everything, otherwise the consistency is not there, considering there's a pig tattooed to my arm, pork bellies are some of my favorite things. >> you've got a challenge ahead of you as far as their diet and exercise is concerned. it's full body cross-training each and every day that he comes in. initially, it's to just get r.j.'s conditioning back a bit. so it's -- it's small things. so we doll a few weight-bearing exercises and we'll come over and do a minute or two of a cardioburst. a lot of core work and r.j. is on his feet all day long and back issues and with a weak core
5:27 pm
that is habitual to that trade and his postural position is back. he's pulling in his abdomen and strengthening that whole core area so it can save his back. >> you end up having more energy. you have to make lifestyle changes to make yourself happy. that gives you energy to stand on your feet especially when you're working 14, 15, 16 hours a day. >> r.j. cooper has lost 20 pounds so far. he's in the process of opening a new restaurant, however, so he says he's having a hard time fitting his workouts in. >> the busier you are the more you want to work out, but he says he's definitely committed to his new path to get healthy for life. >> spray painting the number 68 on dozens of cars. what does that mean? the one thing investigators have already ruled out. >> and the decision whether to delay the opening on alexandria's mark center comes ahead -- to a head this week. >> armed with a soda bottle and some tape, one man is getting the upper hand on stink bugs with his cheap household
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a fast forward now through the headlines, largo town center metro riders are calling for beefed up security tonight after a violent carjacking there this morning. one woman was shot, her father was injured. both are now in stable condition. so far, no arrests. police tell us the suspects may also be behind last friday's armed carjacking at the new
5:31 pm
carolton station. >> there is a tornado now in downtown st. louis as a new round of severe weather tears through the midwest. this is part of the same system that killed at least 14 people in oklahoma. the death toll in joplin, missouri, 125. more than 1,000 people still missing. the tfrn now rated as an ef-5 is the single deadliest since the weather service began keeping records in 1950. >> and the d.c. council passed a budget today without raising taxes on the city's wealthiest and improving economy has boosted tax revenue by tens of millions of dollars. the council also restored spending for certain social services and agreed to cut parking meter rates from $2 to a dollar an hour. the council takes a final vote on the budget in just two weeks. a vandalism spree has been going on for weeks now and a mysterious number is costing area residents hundreds of dollars. >> it's happening in areas of sterling and ashburn in loudoun
5:32 pm
count pep. >> that's where jane watrel lives with the story on this. jane? >> reporter: loudoun county authorities say it's it's rare to see the same group of vandals bounce back and forth between two community, but that appears to be what's happening here on weekends. >> the vandals struck saturday evening in sterling, tagging cars on north york, west neville tree and out ironwood roads along with west juniper avenue, spraying graviffiti on the side of cars. >> even though you think it's not that big a deal f you start adding up the volume in total dollar amount you've ended up with a pretty serious crime. >> reporter: in all, 30 vehicles have been spray paint order tagged since the end of april with the number 68, the vandals have alternated between ashburn and sterling, quietly damaging the cars in broad daylight, striking just yards away from this longtime resident. >> i've never heard of anything like that, but that's not to say
5:33 pm
in this day and time you never know what when you get up in the morning what might have happened overnight. >> reporter: they say they believe the graffiti is the work of kids and are hoping to make an arrest soon. >> it doesn't seem to connect with the investigators and it doesn't appear to be a gang connection unless someone is trying to establish themselves or create something new, but so far we don't believe that to be the case. . >> reporter: loudoun county authorities are hoping that the public may have information as to who is behind the 68 spray painting vandals and we'll contact them at the sheriff's office before the cannedals cause more significant damage. reporting live in ashburn, i'm jane watrel, back to you. >> thank you. 6,000 defense employees are scheduled to move into the mark center in alexandria in september, but that move could be pushed back. house lawmakers are getting ready to vote on legislation this week that could delay the opening for one year. supporters of the delay say it would provide more time to make
5:34 pm
changes and help ease the traffic congestion expected when that center opens. this move into other so-called brac sites would also be delayed if the house measure goes through. former presidential candidate john edwards could be indicted on criminal charges within the next couple of weeks. federal investigators have been looking into his political dealings for more than two years now. sources close to the investigation tell nbc news the justice department has authorized prosecutors to proceed with criminal charges. the case centers on allegations that political con from tribugzs were used to keep edwards' mistress in hiding. the former senator from north carolina had no comment today, but his attorneys are confident that he did not break the law. in less than three months there will be a new memorial on the national mall honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. today john schriffen got a sneak peek at the progress and talked to the man in charge of carving
5:35 pm
the historical words of peace. >> reporter: workers are putting the finishing touches on this $120 million martin luther king, jr., memorial. from concept to design, this is 15 years in the making. some of the best craftsmen have been flown in from all over the world including nick benson, a third generation stone carver has worked on the world war ii memorial. >> these are probably some of the finest work that i'll ever do. incredibly elegant and always topical. these are works for the ages. the concept is to have the words of the civil rights leader come alive. 14 of the memorable quotes line the interior wall, following justice, democracy, hope and love. because dr. king was a fan of greek philosophy, he inscribed the letters with a touch. >> you can see that there's a sweep to the stroke and that means that there's a flaring of the stroke as it comes down and that's a nod to both the brush
5:36 pm
work, but also to the greek approach to carving. >> reporter: but the main quote out of the mountain despair and a hope, which comes from dr. king's "i have a dream speech" is played out in physical form. it is plan is to have them walk through this mountain of despair until reaching the stone of hope. there, they will find the image of dr. martin luther king etched in stone 30 feet high, but right now it's still blocked off with this black tarp. it won't be unveiled to the public until the official unveiling on august 28th, the 48th anniversary of the famous i have a dream speech. >> dr. king really meant and not just to this country, but indeed, the world. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., john schriffen, news 4. >> impressive. when we come right back, a new twist in the schwarzenegger saga. tonight the housekeeper's
5:37 pm
ex-husband speaks out for the very first time. we all know traffic around the region could be a bless, but researchers say it could also make your marriage
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>> more fallout over arnold schwarzenegger's love child with mildred baena. the housekeeper's estranged husband rogelio baena found out he was not the boy's biological father last week. he will always regard the boy as his own.
5:40 pm
he had the boy out of wedlock while he was married to maria shriver. by the tame many kids in foster care reach adolescence, they give up on the idea of adoption. many think pros pektsive adoptive parents only want babes or little kids, but they're wrong. >> tonight's wednesday's child is t.j. and barbara harrison has his story. >> take a look at t.j. touchdown! >> timothy or t.j. as he prefers is 13 years old and has lots of hopes and dreams for the future. that includes playing football some day. georgetown university coach kevin kelly put t.j. through some plays with the help of two of his star players and t.j. showed he had some pretty good moves. he was happy to show me he could beat me in a sprint across the field. >> t.j. is a typical boy. he loves sports. he also loves music. he says rap and hip-hop is his famous music genre.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: he says he's also working hard at school. >> what kind of grades are you making? >> as and bs. >> that's fantastic. >> he's a very good student and he loves -- music is his favorite subject and he loves math, too. he excels in math. >> there you go! there you go! >> get it! >> reporter: t.j. hasn't had a chance to play football at school. they don't have a team at his group facility. after school he says he likes to listen to cds that he's been able to collect of his favorite songs. >> and do you have a cd player at home? >> i don't have a home yet. i don't have a mom or a dad. >> would you like to have a mom or a dad? >> i would like to have a dad. >> this way, this way, this way. >> he says he often thinks of how he'd love to have a dad to play football with. >> would you like to be adopted. >> you can catch the football
5:42 pm
and he ran the ball in the end zone and he knows how to finish when he spiked the ball in the end zone and got a dance. >> t.j. got a few gifts to take home and an invitation to come back as a guest of the georgetown football team next fall and that was worth a high five. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your heart and your home for t.j., call our adoption hotline at 1-888-to adopt me. if you have a phone, you can scan the code on the screen and it will take you to the wednesday's child section of our website. >> t.j. was happy in that end zone, warrant he? >> speaking of football, the redskins hold their second consecutive day of player workouts. we will talk with a veteran who gives us the lowdown on what they want to accomplish. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> get this, this flash
5:43 pm
mob-synchronized danc
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>> a long commute can ruin your marriage. swedish researchers found the risk of divorce goes up by 40% if your commute is 45 minutes or longer. the reason, they found that when men commute the woman is forced to take on most of the responsibility in the household and for the kids, adding more stress to the marriage. researchers add the risk of divorce is highest in the first five years of marriage. >> it is final exam time for a lot of seniors in our area and
5:46 pm
while some are sweating over bubble sheets and essays, it's been a long time i don't know what a bubble sheet is. a group of seniors in rockville has the added pressure of an audience. >> you pencil those circles in, i think. >> is that what a bubble sheet is? it's been a while. >> aaron gilchrist explains their last test. >> they're biz we seniors sweating over fill in the blank finals and end of the year projects and not all of the seniors. ♪ ♪ ♪ call it splash mob. studenteds skipped the men and paper ovpting for pop music and an unsuspecting audience at real washingtonian shopping center in gaithuresburg. the teacher gave her students three options to show what they've learned this year. >> what they've done is connected the sorngs the choreography, the costume ideas all to course content through
5:47 pm
their journals. >>s so geology is all about human behavior and how we influence each other. three students rose to the top as the lead choreographers. >> each day we took time to choreograph and the next day we'd g teach it to the class. it's showing how a bunch of people can come together and other people around them see something different going on which isn't normal. >> and not normal caught a lot of people's attention just as the lunch hour got underway and part of the student's test is noticing what reaction bystanders had to their impromptu performance. >> this was a final exam for a sossology. >> a final exam? >> i think the school standards are different from when we were in high school. >> i saw it from all of the way over there, i was and coming from the park so it was really good. i liked it. i loved it. >> mario aguilar is the leader of the pack. he plans to be a dance major in
5:48 pm
college, but today he's a social scientist recording his observations. >> they enjoyed it and everyone was clapping along and keep going, like that, everyone seemed to enjoy it. a little unusual for a final exam, but the more typical part of this that the kids would have to endure is the paper they'll have to write based on the observations from the flash mob. >> that's a grueling final exam. >> it was hot out there today. >> it's tough being a senior and being out in the heat, isn't it, doug? >> know you said you may not remember. i remember it well. it was two or three years ago for me. 83 degrees and for those of you that will be out and about will be very nice. as far as the radar picture is concerned, no showers or thunderstorms until you get back into west virginia. we are looking at one lone shower out there and it's going to be about it. a few showers back toward the mountains and most of us on the dry side. 90 degrees and that's the
5:49 pm
forecasted temperature tr tomorrow. a slight chance of a shower or storm. 85 on saturday with a 40% chance of shower activity mostly to the west of i-95 and on sunday the temperature back to 8 1k7 and i our backyard weather. if you want me to come to your backyard and do the weather live e-mail us at weather it's and e-mail a picture as well as why you'd like us to come out there. trust me, we'll have a lot of fun when we do this so get your e-mails in right now. >> he's got to mow lawns. we have to keep on reminding people. >> i know. he was in fourth grade with dan hellie. the hellie checker. >> here's the thing. when you're young you're supposed to be a good dancer. we've seen kammerer dance before. >> right. >> with melvin, i think that shows his age. both of them. maybe a little older than they thought. >> so you're talking redskins. >> it's the second day of group workouts for the redskins veterans and rookies, 41 players
5:50 pm
showed up again and it's the first chance for them to sink their teeth into the playbook the last couple of days and learn the terminology from the older guys who were acting as coaches as well. one of them is casey rohrbach who caught up with lindsay czarniak this afternoon. >> materiel me about being out here. do you feel like you're getting some sort of competitive dwarntage spending time with the rookes? >> obviously in our ox fencive line and the line calls and what the coaches will expect him to be able to do when he shows up whenever we show up. i think it's definitely a leg up for him and obviously, it's a leg up for everybody going through it. we work on our skill set and it's not physical here and it's more mental and you're just getting the understanding to get back into football. >> we were talking to casey who was talking us to about what it must be like from your perspective? >> what is it like for you getting ready to be here and dealing with these circumstances? >> it's different, you know?
5:51 pm
just coming from college and new spins and new guides and trying to fill out the guides and picking their brains and just trying to have a relationship with them. >> is it awkward and is it the first day of school type of thing and it's a whole different experience? >> it's a little awkward just because it's new people, but like i say, it's going to be a learning curve going from high school to college. it's all about getting with the guys and learning as much as you can from them. >> how much do you feel like you're missing out on the flipside? >> a lot. obviously, you do a lot in the off season and not only on the weight room and in the field and the classroom and stuff, and it's a lot missed, but, you know, they're the circumstances we have and hopefully we can make up for it. >> i haven't had a chance to talk to you about there, but what are your thoughts on the quarterback situation? are you thinking that one of your starters is there with you right now?
5:52 pm
>> it's hard to say. it really is. things are always surprising in the nfl. and i would love to see donovan back, and i would love to see him under center and i would love to see what these guys got. it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and i think we'll just have to wait and see. >> we heard you guys were photo copying the playbook pages, too. is that something you did and passed it out? >> hand scratching stuff on note pads for the guys. >> are you really? >> definitely. anything we can do to help those guys along. those are the guys that will suffer the most without the otas and the off-season program and it's totally new to them, and not only this offense and the defense, but the whole game of the nfl. >> are you guys getting together also? >> i've got three kids so it's a little hard, but yeah, the guys are getting together and we'll go golf on friday and there will be definitely some outings. >> he hasn't learned the trick
5:53 pm
yet. you just tell your wife that practice ran later and you sneak out to the golf course with the guys. >> you have a long commute. i don't know if you got a chance to meet them. >> he was in the newsroom and he said he had a hole in one about two weeks ago. he didn't get a chance to play in the golf tournament, but that was pretty cool. >> he says this. was there proof of it? >> we'll talk to him. >> thanks, hellie. here's what we're working on on news 4 at 6:00. >> coming up at 6:00, the suspect accused in the awful and deadly shooting in tucson, arizona. he was in court today and there was an outburst just as the judge was about to determine when he was mentally competent to stand trial. virginia's department of transportation ready to do something about the traffic on i-66 and we'll introduce you to the dogs that go to some of the most dangerous battlefields in the world.
5:54 pm
those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> we've been looking forward to that piece. that's supposed to be very interesting. we'll see you in a few. >> but next on news 4 at 5:00, stink bugs, battling them. the three household items you
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
this warm weather has
5:57 pm
brought out the stink bugs en masse. >> a man has a homemade con strapgz that's really cheap and it really works. >> robin taylor shows us just how. >> there are some bugs over here. >> julian smith lives in shaler and needed a fix for a serious stink bug problem. >> i've tried everything. everything. >> one night while he was sitting in his kitchen he noticed stink bugs were attracted to the light and that's when he came up with a brilliant idea. julian told me he left this homemade trap in his attic overnight. ten hours later there were about 200 stink bugs inside. >> so that really works. >> that works really well, and you know what? they can't get out once they're in. julian says it's so simple anyone could make it so i had him walk me through the process. >> so you take the razor blade. >> he cuts the top off a plastic soda bottle and turns it over. >> this will be your funnel that sits right on top just like that. >> then he takes black
5:58 pm
electrical tape and runs it across the bottom and inside is a battery-powered led light and it turns itself on and you're ready to go. >> julian lines the sylvania model which you can buy at home depot for six bucks. since stink bugs are attracted to the light show he adds four masking tape ladders making it easier for them to crawl up. once they realize the show's over they're out of luck. >> and they're coming up, but they can't get out. >> julian told me the trap works best before sundown at midnight in a darkroom or attic. although it can't be used during the day if you close the shades. once the stink bugs are trak trapped you can flush them down the toilet or wrap a bag on top and throw them out. >> whoa! look at that. >> julian has also come up with what he calls the fun bug catcher which is ideal for anyone who is squeamish about touching critters. you simply take a smaller soda bottle, cut off the top and
5:59 pm
attach the funnel with scotch tape. >> it's real simple and give them a nudge and falls right in. >> the man is a genius. he's a genius. i want to go home and do it. that was robin taylor reporting and that is it for news 4 at 5:00. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. we're checking storms again. 24 hours after yet another deadly tornado outbreak at the nation's heartland. a fath and daughter were beaten at a metro parking lot and the tool used to track down a stolen car may reveal a crime connection. three murders nearly ten years apart in the same house in maryland and we'll tell you about the person who tried to rid that house of evil spirits. we begin with those killer tornadoes out in the midwest and a new rnd


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